Between Then and Now

by Keith Cook

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released December 20, 2011

Keith Cook - Everything
© 2011 Red X



all rights reserved


Keith Cook Seattle, Washington

Solo artist, guitarist for Debris, bassist for Sammy Drain and then some, former bassist for Captain Eyeball, former guitarist for Fred Roth Revue and then some.

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Track Name: Nameless
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011


Snowfield glacier depths uncovered
icicle retreat
morning wakes alone
days seem frozen in stone

Forget the hours but not a face
remember the place where love forlorn consumers desire
pressed too fleeting window views

Not for flowers wasting in the grass
not for seasons passed at all
never saw the light so clearly it fades
before the days transgression

Like ember Amber remembers
not yet cold like wasting dinosaur bones
willful yet reluctant
the dayglo metallic ways

Stranger days have come too pass
the leaves regret the trees
stand alone again
wonderful amidst all the decay
Track Name: 3:5
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011


And when it gets too much to bear
I won't be there for you
like you were never there for me
I don't love you anymore

And you will see
And you will be
you will be
better off without me

And nothing is ever meant too be
it's all in the chemistry
just some random chance in biology
I don't love you anymore

And when you're heart turns to sand
and this all come to an end
it won't be some mystery
you will never understand
I don't love you anymore
Track Name: Foundation
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011


Lost forgotten time
Loves forsaken
Change the days
the season stays the same
the static beings like trees
the memories fade

Fallen like a sign
feeling too resign
like a tarnished dime
it's been on my mind

See it all around
hollow like the sound
if what was then was now

Voices stay the night
echoing turned ringing by day
the sunlight breaks the clouds
touches the warmth of hands
better things
bitter ends
the sands of the words swept out

Sediment of sentiment
holding on to what's long gone
marks left on skin that shows the path
stars that lack their luster
at night it's so quiet
all stretching into the black
Track Name: City Culture Eraser
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011

City Culture Eraser

Cover the black up with gray
block out the light of day
the city empties
the hands of plenty

The sound of a voice so familiar
the call of a name marked out
it's getting harder too remember
all the shadows that were lurking about
and mark this song return to sender
the words are all sweating doubt
it burns my nerves down to a cinder
but if all goes well making connection in December

And watch the night fall from eyes day
there's something in the way
the heart translates
all that's left to say

is I love you
I love you

Take the heart and put it away
so soft and made out of clay
blood and water so pretty
gestures of faith in friendships so petty

Found a way
to leave or stay
lovestruck dismay
it's written all over the city
here kitty kitty kitty
Track Name: Rusted Water
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011

Rusted Water

I've been drinking your blood
through a black cats bone
don't you worry your sweet soul
I'm sorry if I ever hurt you
I would tell you more
but it really gets too be such a bore

Rusted water

And what I've become is something that can't be
and I'm not surprised there's nothing worth my time too save
but I might hang around until the end of days
maybe even raise another band from the grave
I would tell you more
but it really gets too be such a bore

I could swallow all of your mistrust
and if you can keep a secret
I can be you're mistress
if you want to tangle your heart, soul, life and mind into mine
but if it's just our tongues and legs intertwined
and that's all you want from me
I don't mind
I would tell you more
but it really gets too be such a bore
Track Name: Spirit Transfer
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011

Spirit Transfer

Drifting along in old obscure song
tried and true
black and blue
just passing through
everything knew was new
everything when it was new

Just falling forward through time
everything so dear so far behind
in the new way as old as time
forgotten or remembered
rediscovered in mind
all of the time just keep moving on and on

Everyone knows all the difference
this is the same
spirit transfer through this world it came
throughout the universe untouched it goes unchanged
these words lose their meaning
even under the same stars rays

It's a long way to go or stay
so long
the ideas energy waves transfer through vibrations
through today
a shared spirit
a shared soul
a commonality this carnality
this body and soul
touched forever change
but in the end
a perfect form can never stay the same

Civilizations crumble
miles of pavement dirt and clay
governments topple
servants and slaves
near and far
equality in the in the inequality for all
inequity and sweat equity
the contract deed and title
through out and Resistance is the same for all

...and on and on and on,
all of the time just keep moving on and on
Track Name: 7
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011


Hey have you ever seen the stars falling from the sky
watched a world come too an end and never wondered why

All of the love
when the stars are coming down like rain
will still be here for you
I don't know how to explain

But I'll take you to the edge of all space and time
let you reach your hand out into nothing
look back on the cold black expanses of existence.

Hey have you ever seen the stars falling like ultra violet colors from a polluted sky
watched it all come too an end and never wondered why
Track Name: FW
BETWEEN THEN AND NOW All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011


I took my first breath of water
and now I can't come back to the other side
where I saw the shapes and patterns
distorted like the refracted sunlight
through the waves crashing on the shore where you stood

On the shore where you stood
overlooking the diamond freeways 12 lanes
was it that you saw you're specter there
walking hand in hand
with the people of the land
lost somewhere in traffic

What it was that you knew

They'll never know
like the children laying in the tombstone fields
beneath your writing hill

No one remembers their names

I saw you through your words
I read you in between your thoughts
but our hands
like feet
like our pens
were slipping on the sands of time
on the shore where you stood
Track Name: Goodbye
All lyrics by Keith Cook ©2011